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COVID-19: The International Federation, UNICEF and WHO publish a guide to protect children and support safety in school operations. The orientation includes practical actions and checklists for administrators, teachers, parents, and children. March 10, 2020 Joint press release. GENEVA / NEW YORK The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), UNICEF and […]

How to demonstrate your language skills to be able to work in France?

To be able to work in France, there are two types of exams to prove your language proficiency in French: connaissance du Français (TCF) and DELF / DALF tests It is important to mention that the Medical Association does not usually require a certificate or diploma, but an interview in French must be carried out […]

How does the french health system work?

The French health care system is highly rated by many countries around the world. France is a great example of equality thanks to the high quality of the services provided, state-of-the-art technology, medical innovations, professional competence and exceptional quality of care and resources. As a public system, 70% of the expenses are covered by the […]

What are the criteria to practice as nurse in France?

You must fulfil three requirements to practice medicine in France: Have a medical degree stating that your training was completed in the European Union Have a passport from a country within the European Union Register at the “Tableau départemental de l´Ordre des Infirmiers » RECOGNITION OF THE TITLE Since September 7, 2005, the nursing degree has […]