You must fulfill four requirements to practice medicine in France:

  • Have a medical degree stating that your training was completed in the European Union
  • Have a passport from a country within the European Union
  • Register at the “Tableau départemental de l´Ordre des masseurs-kinésithérapeutes”
  • Autorisation d´exercice



You would need to obtain the Autorisation d´exercice:

  • Copy of the certification and its translation
  • Copy of your academic record and its translation
  • Copy of your certificate of hospital and university practice and its translation, specifying speciality
  • Additional documentation


Once you have obtained all the necessary documentation, you will need to send it all to the “Direction Régionale de Jeunesse et Sports et de la Cohésion Sociale”. Send it as a Special Delivery or Signed For service. IMPORTANT: Send two copies of the complete dossier.

  • Become a member of the Physiotherapy Association: Registration form
  • Request the ADELI number (number of professional practicing in France) in the ARS that corresponds to you.
  • French language diploma, B2 is the minimum level required


For further information, contact us.


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